World Championship Roskilde, Denmark 2011, road race

On September 10, 2011 Ivo got to start road race in Roskilde.These race was listed on 4 circuits, which constitutes 66 km.Was ready to start 57 competitorskat.C1, 2.3, ready to fight to win the champion.Race was from its beginning marked bygreat nervousness, which resulted in several fall.All these great Ivo get round.Ivo entire race held in the main group, which sometimes drove at 50 km / hr. Afterpassage into the last round it was obvious that this group will come into goals andthus also happen.Na 350 meters before the finish, Ivo avoid falling three competitors,then began to spurt from his long result, Ivo fantastic finishing on, which is his success in life, who ranked among the best racers in the world in its category.