Author King of Šumava 2011

Author King of Sumava 2011
Three best for Iva!


Last Iva preparation before the World Cup race was King Author Sumava 2011. Ivo was, as in the previous two years logged on the track 116 km. This year was marked by a new track, which was extremely heavy, with a large number of heavy pitch (Srni, high Bridge, Old Brunst, ...). Ivo starting from the initial shot, kept at the forefront of leading the group (up to 40 km for the common track 116 km and 160 km). this group also surpassed most of the heavy division pitch. At group was left alone with one racer. Together  then worked up to the finish, where they safely defended their lead and a sensational 8 min. 12vt ..

The first goal was to Ivo imaginary tire.A where are the 3 most Ivo?

1) Overall, the first to arrive from all categories

2) The fastest in the category for 116 km.  The fastest cyclists in the category of handicapped