World Championship Mexiko 2014, Ivo won bronze in the sprint

This day became for Iva dream come true, years of hard work and sacrifice, strict adherence to environmental rhythmus, but not least overcoming many health limitations today Iva brought to a fantastic third place in the new Czech record 1:16,210 in sprint duel for the World Cup on track in Mexico. The first two places were competitors from China and so was the best racer Ivo rest of the world in 3rd place. Ivo perfectly mastered the mental pressure that it suffers constantly after winning fourth place in the championship of the world. This is all the more success that the preparation had little time, and this was far from being fully focused on the training track. At this point, we have to thank the whole realization team, partners and friends for creating conditions that Iva brought to this result. 

Once again, thank you all.