Rome World Cup 2012, road race

In Sunday, May 27, 2012, was the World Cup in Rome, on the road race, whichwas listed on 11 laps, a total of approx. 60 km. This tour organizers placed inclose proximity (400 meters) historical Collosea. The circuit was very technicalwith a parade exits and technical descents, the circuit was never found a place to rest. I have passed this circuit before starting with my great friend and role modelJiri Bouska. With Jiri we explored the track. After this examination I became convinced that the only way to succeed is a good start at the forefront of the field(56 competitors) and thus avoid possible collisions with other racers during the passage of the technical passages. Everything after the start I did, I started on the 6th a place that I have continuously maintained by 3 wheels, when I joined the Technical Congress. This approach, I moved off the main field, but in the 5th I was a bike ride again this time the leading group comprising only 15 competitors. If nothing else, at least we managed to tear me all the main field. In his active style, Iwent to the finish when the last lap to left only Spaniard to the finish line and mein a long spurt of rider overtook Russia imaginary tubeless tires. Gain third placein this challenging road race is a huge success for me, for which I owe my entirepreparatory team, but also a great round of Merida React. This I would like to thank most all the people who support me.