World championships Canada 2013,road race

1.9.Took place a grand final at the World Championships and the road race.To start was approx. 50 competitors aspiring to the highest goal and that's winning the title of world champion for 2013.Race took place on the circuit with a length of 11.4 km with 1.2 km climb with an average slope of 11%, this circuit we had a 5 x.Do today's race I was instructed to hold 5th place in the race and to the maximum extent either catch leakage, or to prepare for mass spurt.Po throughout the race alternated between the onset of the onset, the average speed was close to 41 km / h, I managed to capture these onsets gradually it became clear that the shrinking main field waiting for the final sprint. In the final finishing peloton already joined 2 km before the finish, I caught this pace and still held in the foreground.The sprint I gave everything I have learned so far and the result for me was a gain 4th place the order had to decide to finish camera, the five of us together sprinting cyclist.This I finished this year's world cruise peloton when I graduated first in my life a whole series results.When I twenty years old this 2nd place in the World Cup and 4th in the road race and 6th in the time trial at the World Championships is for me colossal success!!! Here I would like all fans, partners and sponsors would like to thank you for your support, without which I would not reach and extraordinary success in this year.Thanks and thanks again!!