Paralympic World Cup in Belgium, Ivo takes fifth place in the time trial

Friday, 5/20 He brought windy and cloudy day. At the start of the time trial again built the world's best cyclists eager for this year's first points of the World Cup. The total length of 16 km time trial and was consisted of two rounds. The first part of the urban area led Oestende and it was very technical, followed a long straights near the local airport. In this windy day, it was a very challenging time trial. Ivo stood at the start to fully concentrate on your performance. Ivo pedaled forcefully into the pedals from the first meters and an average speed of 40 km / h. Ivo raced racing tracks. Ivo gradually negotiated the competitors starting ahead of him. Ivo escalated pace to the finish, after crossing the finish line, Ivův final time meant a great 5th place in this strong competition. The order of the finish: 1. Chernova (Can.) 2. Lynch (Ireland), Price (Great Britain), 4.Liang (China), 5th Koblasa .... Congratulations and we thank you for a wonderful viewing experience.