ESP - World cup paralympic Bilbao, Ivo took bronze in road race

Sunday's road race riders introduced to the city Mungia. Ring Road was built on a flat profile is therefore expected that the major field of opponents will fight each other to the finish. From the first meters Ivo started in his high-tempo, trying to indicate the peloton speed that suits him. In very hot weather and be sustained pace of the peloton rammed circuit for the circuit at high speed into other areas. As there was division head of the peloton, in this growing nervousness approaching the goal. Just as the whole race, Ivo even in the last round has worked very well positionally in the peloton and the finishing line roared at the forefront of the peloton, just 100 meters before the goal was to Ivův tough fight with Venezuelan racer who Ivo crossed paths and deprived him of valuable setinky that ultimately decided the location of the spurt, had to choose the target location of the camera for the first three places, 1st Frenchman Lacroix .... 3rd Ivo Koblasa.